Best Visa Secured Credit Card 2016

A secured credit card to help rebuild your credit. There are many options for secured Visa credit cards – which one is the best for 2016? The card should be reporting to all three major credit bureaus. That’s a no-brainer as most people get a secured Visa credit card in order to build their credit […]

0% Balance Transfer Cards Can Help Reduce Credit Card Debt

The first step in reducing your credit card debt is not to get a new card. The first step should be to sit down and make a list of all your bills and liabilities and get your finances under control. Once you have made a financial plan that contains every item that you are spending […]

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

A credit score below 650 is considered bad by most banks and lenders. You can improve your credit rating by paying your credit cards on time and by making sure that you do not use the whole credit limit. It is better to have several cards and only use part of the credit limit than […]

Cashback Credit Cards – Get 1% to 6% Cash Back on Purchases

Getting cashback for when using a credit card can be very interesting. These types of cards usually require an excellent credit rating of 740 and above. If you buy a lot of things with a credit card such a card can be very useful. Below you can see four different cards that offer cashback on […]